Adulting in Alta, Norway

I arrived in the town of Alta in Norway 24 hours ago. My mind has been completely blown by everything from the sun never rising, to it being completely dark at 2pm and seeing snow for the first time. I will have to dedicate an entire blog to it.

Despite being on holidays though one still has to be an adult and look after their life admin tasks. Today I had the whole day to myself and spent it walking around town or hanging out in my hotel room drinking wine and listening to Christmas music, as one does. I don’t meet with the tour guide until 6pm tonight. Having the day to do practically nothing is exactly what I needed to get these tasks completed. Also the body’s batteries need to be recharged.

The biggest area is my budget of course. My payday falls on Monday 16th whilst I’m here so I had to write out all the bills due within the next fortnight and which part of world I’ll be in to organise spending and foreign currency. I also have to pick up my floofy boo, Starbuck when I return home but I might pay for her boarding on the Visa! I made a list, and checked it twice, on what gifts I have purchased. I did go a little crazy in Los Angeles and London on buying gifts for friends and family. It is all complete so I do not have to budget for anymore. Not officially anyway! Maybe the occasional souvenir from Norway and Finland. I can’t forget to get a keyring for Aunty Kaz. I won’t be able to return home to Australia if I forget her gifts.

A task that was a must was the suitcase situation. I had to pull everything out of both of them and properly organise everything into clothes, make up, gifts etc and it was all scattered across my hotel room. I always worry I buy myself utter crap but I’ve done very well so far. It took me a good hour of Tetris style packing but I managed to organise everything into groups. Clothes in one section, gifts in another and separated into who they are for, and my personal purchases I gifted myself. I can stress less now, it was doing my head in.

Surprisingly I haven’t bought too much stationery and books which I always go nuts on but I still had to buy a carry-on suitcase to put what I did purchase into them, to lighten up the checked luggage. For someone who claims to live a minimalistic lifestyle, travel always proves me wrong!

I have also been working on my goals for next year. As I have been travelling a fair bit in 2019, 2020 will be the year I smash as much money into paying off the mortgage on my investment property, paying off a personal loan and building up my emergency savings. I will travel overseas as always during my annual leave but I need to put my financial goals ahead of the travel bucket list for at least for the first 6 months of the year. Adulting takes priority.

Focusing on the family business is a goal as well. I have a few areas I would like us to focus on. The business is owned by my parents, and myself and my brother are running the show. It’s funny to listen to us in meetings as my parents want one thing, my brother and I want another but we all end up at the same place. Maybe it’s a generational thing! It can be the best of both worlds in management experience and it can be a pain too if I’m being honest. For me personally I would like us to set more deadlines on what needs to be done to grow the business. After 22 years of the business operating we have some great, long term clients but we can’t get too comfortable. Business is a brutal sport (and I love it!) and we have to continue to evolve and not just go with the flow. I hit 12 years with the company in April 2020. Seems like yesterday I joined the company.

Whilst I have my notebook in front of me, working on the admin side of life I realise I haven’t had lunch so I am off to go hunting for food.

Happy travels, Lauren


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