Recovering from my holiday and resetting my space

I returned home from my epic trip on Christmas Eve and am still recovering at home. I am almost over the jet lag which I got smashed with and am getting over the flu as well. The joys of travel.

One thing that has stressed me out since my return is the state of my home and space. I am a pretty well organised person who enjoys tidying my home but something was really bugging me when I got home. How is it that when I jumped on the minimalism bandwagon almost 3 years ago I ended up accumulating so much stuff again, and how bad would it be if I didn’t?!

Today I started to seriously clean my home. The pantry was the first place to be hit and so much food got thrown out as it had expired. That was one bag full. A great deal of kitchen cookware, tupperware and utensils I no longer used were either thrown out, put into donate pile or the garage sale pile. My dining table is covered in items I want to try and sell and boy is there a lot. The rubbish pile is growing quickly as well and I need to decide if I want to take it to rubbish tip, get a skip bin or book a council clean up. My bathroom was next on the hit list. I took all my make up out of the cupboard and sorted through what I wanted and threw out the rest. So many empty bottles buried amongst it all and sample items I never used but kept for ‘someday’. Again another bag was full. Cleaning these 2 spaces as a starting point really got the momentum going. I say one should start with small, easy to accomplish goals and the rest will come naturally. This works whether you are cleaning your home, completing an assignment or working in the backyard.

I live in a 3 bedroom house on my own so I pulled everything out of the 2 wardrobes in the spare rooms. I was quite brutal in discarding items or adding them to the garage sale pile. I swear there is a gnome in my house that collects cushions and cushion covers. Surely I did not buy all those 10 cushions myself? I found my roller derby gear in the guest bedroom and will keep the skates and some wheels but will try and sell the rest including the luggage I carried it all in. The 2nd room is my home office and it will take some time. So much stationery to sort through and books I no longer want are to be sorted out. My main bedroom I will leave until last although literally half the bed is covered in clothes I have to put away.

I am off to a pretty good start and it will get worse before it gets better. January is my month of resetting my home and energising my space and I will be writing more about this journey.