Celebrating the New Year with old friends

2019 was farewelled in the Mornington Peninsula of Victoria at Samantha’s home. It was a great couple of days and a perfect way to celebrate a new year and a new decade with both her and our friend Melia.

It is so incredibly chill at her home and the tension melted away from my body. We just picked up our conversations from last time we saw each other, like no time had passed. We snacked on food, drank wine, played Cluedo and Melia read our birth charts and gave a tarot reading to us. It was perfect. We didn’t feel the need to actually go anywhere, we had each other. For a couple of hours we sat at the beach behind Sam’s family home and watched the sunset, drank more wine and ate cheese.

We finished up the night back at her home and once the clock struck midnight I went straight to bed like a little old lady. I think i still had a touch of jet lag or just the exhausting year that was 2019 had hit me. The girls stayed up until sunrise talking with each other and polishing off another bottle of wine. I’m so proud.

Later in the afternoon of the 1st we made our way to The Cups Estate and had a great lunch, some more wine (a common theme!) and took in the beautiful view of the winery. It was a perfect way to kick off the new year. Dingo, the estate dog provided free entertainment wanting anyone and everyone to throw his stick for him.

The Cups Estate, Mornington Peninsula

Melia had to make her way home as she had to return to work so we sadly said goodbye to her. Then there were 2. On our way back home Sam took me to Arthurs Seat lookout. It was a lovely drive.

Somewhere in the distance you can see Melbourne

The rest of the night was again so chill and relaxing. Exactly what the Doctor ordered!

As I write this I am waiting for my train back home. I cannot wait to see my furbabies. Back to work tomorrow for a day but that’s ok, it will be Friday.

Happy New Year, Lauren


2 thoughts on “Celebrating the New Year with old friends

  1. Thank you for everything Lauren! Thanks for travelling all the way here, the chats, the wine 😜 and for being the incredible friend you are. It was a magical few days and I’m so lucky to have spent it with you and Melia. I’m so glad you enjoyed your time here. Love you lots!!

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