I deleted my phone’s camera roll- major digital declutter

Nothing like backing up and deleting every picture of one’s phone to clear the mind. Almost 6ooo pics removed in a flash. It was a little scary but enjoyable too.

As a part of my huge declutter at home, the Samsung Galaxy 9 got a freshen up. I removed dozens of apps I no longer use which included my Evernote and Dropbox accounts. Those 2 accounts I completely closed and deactivated. There was no point having Dropbox when everything backed up to Google Photos and Drive. It was a major double up. As for Evernote, I transferred notes to the Keep app which I enjoy much more. I am making an effort to really utilise Googles services, I find them very user friendly and less passwords to remember as everything is linked via your account. I also started using Google Contacts instead of one on the Galaxy. Again it is more user friendly.

Another big step was closing down my old Yahoo Mail account that I have had since I was a kid. When I started my Gmail a few years ago I painfully updated my email across all services I could think of and left Yahoo active just in case. I am confident that no one uses this anymore to send me important information. This was a bit of a big deal closing down my first ever email account. I still remember how excited I was to set it up at the dining room table at the family home when I was little. By little I mean I was like 12 years old!

Next was the PC. I backed up all the photos from my albums and created new ones for 2020. Due to all the travel in recent weeks this took a while as it was a bit chaotic. I need to do this more regularly not once a year.

Social media was the last step. When I was in Finland I set up social media accounts for this website. Not a declutter but it was organised and I could secure the site handle names. On my personal social media I unfollowed so many accounts and pages. Those that do not post often, those who over post and others that simply no longer inspire me were removed.


People forget to clean out their digital storage but it helps if you want devices to work to their best capabilities and it is so much easier finding what you need without having items doubled up across different apps and devices.

Update on home declutter – A lot of rubbish has been removed both garbage and recycling. I also have a council kerbside clean up booked for next week so on Wednesday night I can ditch those old furniture items that are broken and no good for donating. Link to that blog:


Enjoy the weekend and I appreciate the support, Lauren


One thought on “I deleted my phone’s camera roll- major digital declutter

  1. This is so great! You’re right, not many people think about doing a digital declutter. Maybe because unlike a physical declutter of the home, the digital excess we have is less tangible and easily forgotten. I’m going to try and do this, thanks for the inspiration Lauren!

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