Finding motivation and inspiration whilst our Country burns

On Monday I had a few draft blogs ready to finalise and post but the afternoon saw me down a rabbit hole of despair as news continued to unfold about these life changing fires that swept through Australia. These fires will change a generation just like the tragedy of the attacks on the World Trade Center almost 20 years ago.

Everyone deals with life altering news in different ways. Some healthy and some not. I find when I am in a bad mood that reorganising my home helps shift the bad vibes and distracts me from what is bothering me. I am in the midst of a huge declutter at home and am at the final stages so I powered through on Monday night. I have a decent pile of rubbish that my local council will collect tomorrow that I need to place out on the kerbside. None of these items are suitable for donation otherwise I would have contacted Red Cross Australia to see if they wanted some of the furniture I no longer required.

As I tidied my home I am grateful that I still have one as so many do not due to them being destroyed by fire. The loss of life and property has been devastating.

With action comes motivation. As I cleared my space and made room for a furniture reshuffle, happening later today, I found myself shifting out of the fog and bad mood I found myself in. Finding a task to distract me from my worries always helps shift the bad vibes. Some people hit the gym, others write or paint, I clean.

This morning I woke up pretty early and ready to take on the world once more. Organisation is key to happiness in my world. What helps you in tough times?



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