My theme for 2020- To relax

Last year was hectic and I was a little burnt out at the end of the year. This past week was a wake up call. I was tired and everything hurt. My sleeping patterns were terrible and I struggled to get through the days. I didn’t even write for this website.

I have read a fair bit of information on having themes for the year ahead and how they can help keep you on track with your yearly goals. With the fatigue I have been struggling with it made sense to have a reminder for what 2020 is all about. I also had a dear friend read my tarot and all signs lead to me having to relax, chill out and meditate more. After other readings I conducted myself they all came to the same conclusion. I need to take it easy this year.

I have a dream board hanging in my room with pictures to inspire me throughout the year. I will be updating it to pair with my new theme and work my goals around the need to relax. If I go away on holidays I want to stay in one area and not zig zag all over the place which I did last year. As great as the holidays were, the recovery from all the actual travelling whether it was via planes, trains or automobiles really wiped me. I need to learn to be more still or travel with less steps.

I want to set up a daily happiness tracker, work on a schedule for jobs I have to do around home and start a life notes journal to write down all this little ah-hah moments I have and want to remember. I have several planners, notebooks and journals going at once as I learnt last year at a Kikki-K planner course, that having more than one can be beneficial. I have seen benefits in doing so. Today I started setting up a little command centre for all that and for TTW to stay on track. I do love to make checklists and schedules and this way I can have it all in my office at home. I have a habit of writing things down and have it all spread out in different areas of my home. This way it is all in one place and I won’t be stressed looking for information I need.

My sunday reset days will be evolving too as I have learnt some great ideas of planning for my week on a personal level. I need more structure at home and more personal organisation to help chill out. Some people think that routine can be deadly but the last 12 months of planning things last minute clearly has not helped me. I need my own guide book for life.

If anyone has suggestions please let me know



One thought on “My theme for 2020- To relax

  1. After the craziness of 2019 you definitely deserve to take it slow and make time for yourself. All of the planning you’re doing to help make this happen is awesome! So happy for you and wishing you all the best for 2020!

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