Do one thing at a time and do it well

The days of trying to do everything at once are long gone, for me anyway. Maybe it is maturity or I’m just too old for this crap but I can no longer push myself to do every little task, a hundred kilometres an hour, at the same time. Whether it be for me or someone else I have to prioritise what is most important. Honestly these days my needs will always come first before others. One has to look after themselves before they can look after others.

I have to do one thing at a time and do it well. Read one book start to finish, not have 3 half read at same time, study one topic for one course at a time or even mow the lawns in one go, not wander off and start another task. Playing with the dog however is very acceptable! Not only does all this multitasking leave you with the same amount of unfinished jobs you started with, if not more, but one can feel a sense of failure for having not accomplished what may have been the simplest of tasks. It adds unnecessary stress. You feel like garbage with the weight of the world on your shoulders.

Technology these days moves at a rapid pace and allows us to have the ability to do more than one thing at a time, but unfortunately our human minds have not evolved to that level and we can only do so much. So many people these days are severely stressed and just exhausted from trying to do it all. Us Millennials are quickly becoming the burnt out generation. We live in a society that allows us endless opportunities but we have not been taught the basics of doing one thing at a time.

I’m old school in a way. Give me a notepad and pen over a note taking app any day. I have always loved a good checklist, a to-do list, a plan, whatever you want to call it over starting a task on the fly or having to search on a device for that next task or reminder which takes up time. Whether setting out my day for home or work I need to plan the day and prioritise what is most important.

Put down the phone and physically write out that list of tasks you need to complete. To get things moving some very simple tasks can be added that will guarantee accomplishment and get the ball rolling. If I ever feel stuck at home, for example writing for my blog, I will smash out tasks like taking the rubbish out or packing up the dishwasher. These seemingly mundane jobs can help motivate and inspire me to get those big jobs out of the way knowing the little, easy ones are done and I can definitely stress less. Our minds and bodies are not built to multitask. Whoever came up with that term should be smacked. Multitasking serves no one.

You and others will appreciate a job well  done when it is complete and done so in one attempt. You can tick off that accomplishment, give yourself a pat on the back and move on to the next job. My mental health is a priority above all and I have had to learn to slow down in the last couple of years- Doctors orders. I find my mind more streamlined when I focus on one thing. Not bombarding myself with a dozen jobs going at once helps me a great deal.

Work smarter, not harder.

Lauren xoxo