Streaming service burnout

Are we all sick of the million or so streaming services that are available to us?! I certainly am. We have gone from being desperate to being able to access our favourite television shows to having no time to watch them all and bank accounts that have one too many $10 debits coming out that get very expensive, very quickly.

So I have gone on a streaming service declutter. Last year after Game Of Thrones finished I cancelled my Foxtel service, as did most people. This week whilst working on my fortnightly budget I decided to cut out the services I don’t use much. Stan was cancelled as most shows are old ones from 90’s and early 00’s and I have most of them on DVD. The new, original shows do not appeal to me at all. Netflix is watched on one device not two, saving a couple of bucks. Disney+ is a keeper simply because I paid for the yearly service otherwise I probably would drop it too. I am unsure that if I cancel it now I get some money back or not. I’ll have to look into the fine print. I love Disney but I rarely watch it. Again I don’t care for the latest shows and movies as I love the old school stuff which again I have on DVD.

In addition to tv subscriptions, Spotify got cancelled as I no longer listen to music from it and prefer local radio. I’m going to suspend Audible for a while as I have a few books to listen too and catch up on.

Just when one thinks the digital age will help cut back on out love of excess consumption it turns against us! I got roped in but snapped out of it reasonably quick. I will save almost $50 a month which I can put towards paying off my investment property. Small changes can make a big difference.



2 thoughts on “Streaming service burnout

  1. I definitely need to cut back on subscriptions, but I could never give up Spotify. I shed a tear when you said you let that one go!
    You’ve inspired me to go through mine and get rid of the ones I don’t use. I’m going to go through sneaky app subscriptions too!

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    1. Honestly the music I listen too is on my iPod. I’m stuck in the past with t.v. and music!


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