When I get older

I spent this fine Sunday morning out driving around the local region and visiting some shops of interest. I was thinking and laughing to myself at how growing up and thinking how lame it was that ‘older people’ did this. I thought about how I’ve changed, and for the better, so I put together a little list of things I do now that I didn’t do over 10 years ago.

  • I refer to anyone a decade younger than me as a child and wonder if I was ever that young
  • When I meet someone and compare their year of birth to what year I was in during high school
  • Spending my Sundays going for scenic drives, checking out local cafes and trinket stores just like today
  • All shoes have built in comfort. Sketchers and Massuer slides are the best!
  • Early dinners are a godsend and being home by 10pm is the best. Even better when friends want to catch up for breakfast or lunch.
  • Crafting is a real thing. Cross stitch, journaling, jewellery making, I’ve tried it all
  • I avoid the cinemas during school holidays because kids are evil munchkins. Weekdays in mid morning are the quietest
  • Vitamins are apart of my daily intake and googling cute pill organisers on Amazon is a thing
  • I feel guilty when I don’t read for at least 30 minutes before bed time
  • Enjoy a nightcap whilst reading
  • Afternoon naps are great but I have to set a timer otherwise I will oversleep!
  • I pay attention to people and businesses if they make an effort to be sustainable. A local fruit and vegetable grocer nearby sells plastic with food inside. All the fresh food is wrapped in plastic. Literally all of it. I refuse to shop there
  • I turn all the lights off wherever I can
  • I don’t have a green thumb but dream of having a vegetable and herb garden in my backyard
  • Spend Sunday evenings planning my week ahead so I can hit the ground running in Monday morning
  • My day starts and ends with checking the weather report
  • Conversations with friends start with a health report before anything else
  • My lower back hurts all the time. In fact everything from the belly button down hurts like Hell due to old ouchies.

Did I miss anything?! What do you find yourself doing now as an adult that you never thought you as yourself doing?!



One thought on “When I get older

  1. So interesting!
    When I was younger I never thought I’d be seriously getting into photography. But the random little things like what you said about seeing people as a child is so true 😂 I think another one is seriously have to schedule in catch ups with friends – it’s so different when you’re at school.

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