Get to know me – 36 facts

  1. I was born in 1984 in Orange, NSW, Australia
  2. I have one sibling, my brother who is 5 years younger than me
  3. I’m a qualified motorcycle mechanic and no longer work in industry
  4. I played roller derby from 2010 to 2013 and represented Australia twice at RollerCon in Las Vegas.
  5. I have a tortie cat called Starbuck, named after the character in Battlestar Gallactica. My American staffy doggo is Shomo. Named after Shannon Leto and Tomo from band 30 Seconds to Mars (Tomo has since left the band)
  6. I live alone with my pets and have never lived with anyone since moving out of family home 11 years ago
  7. I own an investment property which I am hoping to pay off before my 40th birthday
  8. I am self partnered. Thankyou Emma Watson for that brilliant term for us single chicks!
  9. I have no desire to have children at this point in time
  10. I love travelling overseas every year and seeing the world and what it has to offer
  11. Hobbies include writing for my website TTW, reading and collecting books, jigsaw puzzles and collecting Disney Pins.
  12. I have recently started studying Wicca and thoroughly enjoy it. I’m always learning new things
  13. My ankles are buggered from playing roller derby, knees are shot, I have a buldging disc in L4/5 and inflammed sacroiliac joints. Basically the bottom half of my body hurts everyday
  14. I was diagnosed with severe depression in February 2017
  15. I don’t watch the news as it is utter garbage
  16. My favourite colour is black
  17. I donate to WWF every month and have ‘adopted’ a snow leopard and a tiger!
  18. I donate blood to Red Cross Lifeblood Australia.
  19. Would love to start my own business and am working on doing so
  20. I love wine. Red is preferable like Shiraz or Merlot
  21. I have 8 tattoos and am working on designs for more
  22. Ears and belly button pierced. Again looking at getting more
  23. Favourite Disney Villain is Maleficent and I was stoked when Angelina Jolie portrayed the character in the movies.
  24. My biggest regret is never living overseas. I will in the future way down the track after furbabies cross the rainbow bridge
  25. I’m obsessed with Christmas it’s my favourite time of year and I buy Christmas decorations when I travel
  26. Favourite designer is Louis Vuitton and I own a few bags by LV.
  27. I love interior design and historic buildings
  28. I automatically wake up at 3am every morning. Mostly to feed the cat!
  29. I hate the heat. Winter is my favourite season and I love thunderstorms
  30. A fan of vampire lore. I was obsessed with Buffy the Vampire Slayer in high school
  31. I love going to the movies especially during the week when it’s quiet
  32. Am tired of living in the suburbs and wish to live in a quite, rural area. I statement I thought I would never make!
  33. I have never played Candy Crush or Angry Birds. Design Home is my favourite app/game. Plants vs Zombies is another fave
  34. I hate clothes shopping with a passion. I’m like Steve Jobs and wear the same thing all the time
  35. Wierdly enjoy watching You Tube videos of people cleaning and organising their homes
  36. I used to speak Italian very well but am out of practise, a skill I want to relearn
Myself, Shomo and Starbuck

~Lauren xoxo


3 thoughts on “Get to know me – 36 facts

    1. A bookstore or wine bar are at top of the list! I love organisation too the list is pretty decent!


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