Morning people are the worst- My night routine

It is nearly midnight and I am cleaning and decluttering my house. Why? Because I do my best work at night, not at some unholy hour in the morning. Morning people are the worst and I am tired of reading blogs and watching You Tubers talk about the benefits of getting up at 5am to crush their day before the rest of us have woken up. Plus they’re extra perky, I don’t care for that!

I wake up in the morning at 7am and get out of bed and get dressed (outfit picked night before), feed my furbabies, put my face on and I am out the door all within 30 minutes tops. Personally I think the mornings are horrible and loud. Tradies are speeding down the street from as early as 4.30am getting to their respective jobs and at that hour of the morning it is incredibly loud.

For me it all starts the evening before. After work I pour myself a glass of wine and bust out my work and TTW diaries. I have 2 diaries because I like to keep work and personal life separate as much as I can. I’m old school and like pen and paper to brain dump my ideas and make plans for both work, my blog and personal life. Then if I need to, I transfer important dates and reminders to my Google calendar. This gets the ball rolling. Updating my budget is a must too.

I will throw the laundry in the washing machine and turn on the dishwasher whilst I give my home a quick clean. I enjoy waking up to clean home. I normally do my little exercise routine too and catch up on my step count. It’s handy having a treadmill at home and some equipment. Going to the gym got very expensive and I can work out in comfort of my home plus the treadmill can be used if needed during The March Charge which I’m participating in.

When I have completed my cleaning etc I have a shower. I shower at nights as I want to go to bed clean. Morning shower people are a little weird like that but each to their own. I’ll wash and dry my hair and go about my skincare routine. Lastly I read before bed time. Whether that be a novel, studying business or learning about my latest hobby, Wicca and Witchcraft. I avoid any screens after 8pm with weekends being the exception.

I need to have it sorted the night before otherwise I am a hot mess by morning time.

There is so much pressure for people who want success, to feel that they have to get up before sunrise to start their days otherwise they are considered failures. It is a joke. One needs to find what works for them within their routine and go from there. I tried waking at at 5am then at 6am and it didn’t work for me. I could not form this habit and it didn’t fit in with my lifestyle. I’m a night owl. I get my best work done at night when my brain is running at full capacity. I am at my worst in the morning and the routine set out the night before helps me immensely.

Are you a morning person or night owl?



4 thoughts on “Morning people are the worst- My night routine

  1. I’m totally opposite. Mornings are great, especially on the weekends. I don’t have to fight crowds to do errands and shopping. I’m home and have everything put away before most people have enough left their home. 😁

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  2. I’m a night owl so I’m completely with you on this Lauren! Plus the amount of times I hit snooze in the morning proves I’m not a morning person. I love how productive you are in the evenings and you’ve given me a few tips on how I can improve my night routine.

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