Sunday Funday: Lunch in Cronulla, March Charge begins and Autumn has arrived

What a day! Sunday kicked off with a drive out to Cronulla where one of my friends, Rozanne, lives with her daughter. The 3 of us caught up for lunch at a great little cafe called Anna’s Bookshop which was so cute. The menus were old Golden Books that were repurposed. The big kid in me loved the idea. I had so many when I was little. The food was great too. I just had a salad sandwich but damn it was good!

We went for a stroll around the beach to walk off lunch and catch up on gossip. Later back at hers she showed me her plans for the Tiny House that they are building. It looks great and I cannot wait to see the finished product. The colour scheme alone is stunning.

Today being the first of the month meant the March Charge officially kicked off. I remembered to charge up and wear my fitbit and I hit half the day’s target walking around the beach. I had to sync the fitbit to the Cancer Council page so the data uploads every night- no cheating allowed! My mate Ian kindly donated money today too which was a nice surprise. I have exceeded my financial target but will keep raising funds.

Today also saw the start of Autumn which is my favourite season. I love watching the trees change colour and lose their leaves. The weather also gets cooler which I prefer over the heat any day. When I visit new places I check the yearly weather averages and see if it could be cold enough to live in! I was born in the winter and love it.

What was to be a quiet week as far as work goes, has suddenly exploded. Its going to be busy one but next weekend’s adventures have already been planned so I have something to look forward to and share.

Hope you all enjoy the rest of the evening, Lauren xoxo


One thought on “Sunday Funday: Lunch in Cronulla, March Charge begins and Autumn has arrived

  1. Congrats on officially starting the March Charge! You are going to smash it and I’m so happy for you that you’ve reached your goal.
    That restaurant sounds awesome and the idea of putting the menus in the old Golden Books is adorable. Glad you had a great Sunday!

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