30 day decluttering challenge

I think it is safe to say that lockdown will remain until the end of April after the Australian Government ramped it up again and imposed stronger restrictions on our day to day lives.

So I decided to put together a little tracker for myself and will complete a 30 day decluttering challenge during April to help keep me occupied whilst I’m on my lonesome. There has literally never been a better time than now for people to clear their homes of all their stuff.

The challenge is simple. On Day 1 I get rid of 1 unwanted item, day 2 it is 2 items and so on through to the 30th. By months end I will have almost 500 items in a pile. As the days go on I can mark my little tracker to show my progress.


I will donate what I can and throw out stuff that is in no good condition. I may be able to sell some items too and make some extra cash. I have cleared a designated space in my garage to start tomorrow.

Anything from as small as a coffee mug to wall art can be discarded. The point is to rid yourself of items that you:

  • No longer use
  • Are broken or damaged. If you loved the item it would have been fixed straight away.
  • Does not fit in with your decor (a big one for me as I’m always redecorating my home)
  • It is either too small or too big to wear
  • It is an unwanted gift

Ask yourself. Would you buy it again? If no then discard it.

Now if you get on a roll and exceed the daily total then go for it and don’t stop. Sometimes you find that when you discard some items you have a brain snap and start getting rid of so much more. You obviously do not have to limit yourself to the challenge rules, they are to help get you started and motivated.

Other days you may struggle to find anything but trust me you will find stuff that no longer serves you. For example you should only require 2 or 3 bedsets per bed, more than that is unnecessary. Same with bath towels. Also you don’t need a huge amount of make up and it does in fact expire so check dates on packages. Old toys your children had that you held onto can be tossed. You will have the memories of these items. Taking progress photos and photos of items removed is a great idea.

You can go about your declutter in any way such as going from room to room or even by categories as practised by Marie Kondo. I used this method 3 years ago and I donated so much stuff plus all my paperwork was scanned or destroyed. I had 3 empty boxes and several worn out folders that served no purpose anymore. It is best to physically remove things from their place to get a sense of what is and isn’t required.

I will post my progress in TTW Instagram stories and share anyone who else is taking part in the challenge.

Xoxo Lauren


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