Getting back into the groove of things

As the Nation slowly reopens its doors I too am getting into a new routine for work and life. Like everyone else I have been unable to make plans, set goals or drive outside my local area. It was incredibly frustrating especially in the early days when we had no idea of an end date for any of this. There wasn’t even a date set to reassess at one point. If the Politicians said it will be a year until we could reopen, then as frustrating as that would have been, at least it was a date to look forward too. It was not a good experience for me at all. I live alone and I love it, but this time definitely tested my mental strength to get through it all. I didn’t realise how much I enjoyed my trips to local cafes, talking to staff I know at shops I frequent and just human contact in general. It wasn’t just about hanging out with friends as I found out that made me happy. Humans need to socialise. We have a pack mentality and it is in our nature to seek others out.

Now that life is returning to normal and a plan is in place to reopen businesses I too have been going about getting back on track with my life. Starting with my Sunday evening routine of writing out all my checklists and planning out my week ahead. Lists include:

  • Work
  • Blog
  • Home
  • Budget
  • Self Improvement

One thing I haven’t done since lock down is write blogs. I could have, but writing about how I moved from my bed to the lounge and back again is pretty boring. My blog, my life is about travelling through wonderland which I, nor anyone else has done over last couple of months. We have been quarantined in wonderland. I am rewriting a few drafts I had ready to publish as quite a bit has changed in my life during quarantine and they no longer stand. My view and outlook on life has changed. Relationships have changed with people in my life but more on that another time. I am setting out a schedule to ease back into blogging.

As for my social life, on Friday I decided to get takeaway food from a local cafe I had been ordering from via Uber Eats. Restaurants had reopened with limited customers. When I got there I ended up sitting at a table. It was incredibly weird. The last time I ate out was at my Dad’s birthday lunch on March 14. That’s 69 days but hey who is counting. I won’t be doing this regularly as I am concerned a second wave of this horrible pandemic. It worries me more than the initial wave and we need to be smart. Uber Eats has received a lot of business from me. I hate cooking with a passion and wanted to support local restaurants anyway I could during this time. My neighbours got a kick out of watching a scooter arrive almost every night with my food!

No one can go on trips anywhere so money I would have spent on travel is being spent on my home. I have purchased some decent items for my home such as a Dyson vacuum, weighted blanket and an air purifier to name a few. A lot of us have been working on the odd jobs at home we never got around to. I am still making my way through an epic list. I also have new blinds arriving in a few weeks so cleaning the windows is a must!

Also like a lot of people I have put on weight being at home! I have put together a workout routine. My flexibility is dead set awful so yoga is at the top. My lower back is shot to Hell too due to a bulging disc that has flared up. Hoping the yoga assists. I ate reasonably well especially via Uber Eats but was sitting for weeks. Working, reading, gaming you name it!

It feels good to look forward to something again and set goals, make plans. I do not miss setting an alarm that is for sure. The pace of life has slowed but will pick up overtime. I am enjoying it while I can. We will all come out of this as different people but for the better and now is a great time to reset your life and live the life you dreamed of.

Stay safe, Lauren


2 thoughts on “Getting back into the groove of things

  1. It has been such a challenging few months. I feel the same way about human contact. What you said about general day-to-day interaction is something I think a lot of people took for granted – I sure did.
    I can’t wait to see you again soon!!

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    1. Likewise! Hopefully NSW/VIC border will be open by time my birthday rolls around and you can come party with me.


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