Reality of no travel, setting goals and where I am at

The World got smashed by this pandemic in March and it is now August and it will be going on for some time to come. Experts say this pandemic could last as long as 2 years as history has shown with previous pandemics. We could suffer up 4 waves of the Coronavirus.

I have gotten over the fact that there will be no overseas trips for me this year, and as I write I cannot even travel Interstate as borders are closed. I remember joking last year with all my trips I took, that 2020 would be the year where I would catch up on sleep and rest. Never did I think that a global pandemic would halt me and every other traveller in their tracks. In April it made me sick to my stomach the thought of not heading overseas for a trip as I do every year. I felt that travel really defined me as an individual. Some think of themselves as athletes or entrepreneurs but being a traveller is who I think of myself to be. Also the majority of my friends live outside of Australia and interstate so the reality of not catching up with them upset me greatly. I have friends in Florida, NYC, Ohio, Singapore and Isle of Man to name some places. The lack of planning for my next adventure was lost too. It took a long time to get over the fact that I had nothing to look forward too. Like most I have to reevaluate my goals and look for the positives in this crappy situation.

Finance goals

With time I found positives to not travelling. The big one being of course is having extra money. With what money I am not spending on travel I am putting towards a personal loan which I should have paid off before the end of the year, instead of end of next year, and am putting extra money on my mortgage for my investment property. I have a goal of paying off the property before my 40th. Honestly I may not be able to achieve that as it is a huge goal but one has to start somewhere. I am getting ahead of myself but I would like to renovate the property too but after the personal loan is paid off of course.

Home goals

I have also been decorating my home and purchasing high end items such as a Dyson vacuum (wish I got one sooner), quality bed linen, furniture and art work to name a few. I am very grateful for online shopping during this time. I didn’t care much for it before. I can only imagine how hard it must have been for those who lived through pandemics in the past with no access to the technology we have today. Although a tough situation for us, people 100 years ago had it a lot harder and it was almost just a normal day with their pandemic, World Wars and the recession to live with.

Health goals

Like most people I have put on iso weight! These past few days I have started intermittent fasting which has been good so far but I am sure the body will plateau in a few weeks which I will have to push past. I have tried snacking on healthy items through out the day but I feel like absolute garbage with constant eating. Taking vitamin supplements and making sure I drink at least 2 litres of water a day has been positive.

I have been talking to my therapist again who is helping me deal with the major stress I have been suffering lately. She has given me exercises to help me get through this tough time. Keeping a notebook with my gratitude lists, problems I am facing and brain dumping ideas onto paper, has been beneficial.

Spiritual goals

Keeping up with my Wiccan studies has been very intriguing. Learning about the Luna cycles, astrology and cycles of the seasons has been fun. It has given me something to look forward to like having my little cleansing ritual (deep clean!) of my home on a Full moon or celebrating Winter Solstice.

Although more educational than spiritual I have gone back to studying about Ancient Egypt which was a favourite subject of mine that I studied in High School. So many documentaries across the different streaming services I subscribe to has kept me entertained and educated. Travelling to Egypt has been on the bucket list for as long as I can remember.


As for work I am still working from home which will be reassessed in October but I cannot see those of us who cannot attend office heading back until easily next year. The fact there is a Doctors office and pathologist downstairs from us that we have to walk pass and makes us very uncomfortable. We are practising social distancing which I take very seriously. It is the best way to end this pandemic sooner rather than later.

My brother is still planning on getting married in October and that is only night out I will have planned for rest of year. With current situation New Years Eve will be spent home with my fur babies. The night will be lit! Nothing a few sparklers and a bottle of Moet can’t fix.

I do hope there is a dramatic improvement on 2021 and if not we can’t say we were not prepared for it.

Take care, stay safe



One thought on “Reality of no travel, setting goals and where I am at

  1. I love your attitude Lauren. You’re finding the positives in such a difficult situation and I really admire that. As someone who also loves travelling, I’ve struggled at times with not having something to look forward to. The way you’ve set out your goals is such a good way to focus on each aspect of improvement and growth. You’ve inspired me to reevaluate my goals and find other things to look forward to, even if they seem small it still helps mentally.

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