It’s beginning to look a lot like Blogmas…

Welcome back to Blogmas! My first Blogmas was just last year and I decided I have to do it again. After the year that is 2020 I for one need this, plus Christmas is my favourite holiday.

With this year being the year it was I have noticed that come October all the Christmas decorations went up in store earlier than usual and now, December 1st, it is increasingly difficult to buy decorations as stores are selling out super fast and cannot keep up with demand. My local Kmart has been decimated.

I put my tree up in November which I wouldn’t normally do until today but I started updating some décor early. I have a box of old décor I will donate as a result while I update my home’s Christmas look. I try and make a habit of when I buy something whether it is something for my home, clothes or Knick knacks, I donate or throw out something I have to keep the clutter down. My little minimalist tip has helped keep my home in pretty reasonable order.

During December 2019 I was stalking Santa so to speak and travelled to Los Angeles, London, Norway and Finland to experience Christmas time in the Northern Hemisphere. Going from a Country on fire to one covered in snow was a shock! During Blogmas I will share more stories plus pictures of my trip. I talked about it as I went along but I want to relive it again. It is probably my favourite trip overseas so far.

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Merry Christmas, Loz.


One thought on “It’s beginning to look a lot like Blogmas…

  1. Can’t wait to see more photos of your trip Lauren!
    I bet your Christmas tree and decorations look great too. Would love to see them or hear about some of your favourite ways to decorate.?

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