My Favourite YouTube Channels

I watch more YouTube than Netflix, Disney+ and Apple TV combined. I am always learning new things or am chilling out to Disney area music and ambient sound channels. I am subscribed to a heap of channels but below are my absolute favourites. A few of them also produce daily videos for Vlogmas which I love. It adds to my Christmas Spirit and is very much apart of my daily routine.

An honourable mention goes to Angie Bellemare. One of her videos popped up in recommendations on YouTube back in late September and down the rabbit hole I went. She runs her own little Empire, has awesome merch, is obsessed with Disney as much as I am, loves her cocktail o’clock and her dog Carl is a little legend too. What isn’t to love?! She has a podcast on Apple and videos from that are on her second channel ‘Angie Bellemare Vlogs’.

Links to Channels shown:

Angie Bellemare –

Angie Bellemare Vlog –

Renee Amberg –

MuchelleB –

Racheallea –

Kalyn Nicholson –

Sugar Mamma –

Amanda Rach Lee –

If you have any channels to recommend let me know!

~Lauren xoxo


One thought on “My Favourite YouTube Channels

  1. Thanks for all of the recommendations. I can’t wait to check out Angie Bellemare after everything you said about her channel content!

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