Slow death of the classic Christmas card

Since I was little I have always sent Christmas cards to my friends and family. It was always fun back at primary and high school to have cards being given out left, right and centre and having a stash to take home to decorate your bedroom. As we got older the list got culled to our nearest and dearest. Long before the internet it was a great way to let your loved ones know you were thinking of them by sending this simple card to express your gratitude, give them an update on what has happened over last year and pass on well wishes. Over the last 5 years I have noticed that hardly anyone send them out anymore. With the obsession of social media people know what is happening to one another at any second anywhere in the World. Most do not feel the need to express well wishes in what is a dying art. Long lost are the days of handwritten notes and postcards too.

One major disadvantage this year that we have all suffered is Australia Post and their struggle to keep up with demand during 2020. So much so they advised people that if packages were to be sent overseas we had to do that in beginning of November and National mail towards end of November early December. I sent my cards out and they have taken almost 2 weeks to be received by people who live local. I could have driven around hand delivering them. I suspect those on other side of Oz will get theirs next week if lucky. I hope this years postage struggles do not deter people from sending cards even if they arrive late. It is lovely tradition that I have always enjoyed.

One bucket list item I ticked off last year was to send postcards from Santa Claus Workshop in Finland just on the Arctic Circle. I was such a big kid lining up and picking out what postcards to purchase. Even better is I was certainly not the only adult lining up to do so (or getting a photo with Santa!) All mail sent from there get a special stamp to show where they were sent from. Just a nice touch when one has travelled so far. With all the postcards I sent it was not cheap but so worth it. Even better was when people received them they messaged me with excitement which made me happy.

In a digital world the tradition of Christmas cards, handwritten notes and postcards are fast becoming a thing of the past but I will continue to send them out and I hope everyone does the same too.

~Lauren xoxo


One thought on “Slow death of the classic Christmas card

  1. It’s so special receiving a card in the mail. I totally agree with you about how much it means to send and receive something handwritten. I need to send my cards out asap – thank you for the reminder! 😅
    Sending postcards from Santa Claus’ Workshop would’ve been so much fun!!

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