Tips to avoid decision fatigue and create a simplified life

In todays hustle and bustle more people are hitting increasing high levels of stress and are struggling to make decisions on some of the most basic things in their life which can have a snowball effect on mental health. I used to be one of those people and I put together a little list in creating a more simplified life for myself that I read when it all gets a little too much and I am unsure on what to do. By working on these tasks I have created a routine for myself and formed a nice habit.

  • Set up the night before – I am working from home most of the time like a lot of others so when I finish work for the day I clean off my desk, remove rubbish and make sure everything is in its place so when I can get straight into it next time I work.
  • Top 3 MIT – I note my most important tasks that have priority and get them done first thing. If not most important I will get the hardest task of the day out of the way first. Everything is simple after that.
  • Planning my day – I have a notebook and pen with me and as day goes on I’ll write down ideas and things to do. In the evening I will re-read the list and add items to my Trello notes under area they fit into, whether it be work or personal and add items to my calendar, budget etc. I will be prepped for next day.
  • Master grocery list – I hate cooking so when it comes to shopping for food I go blank and find myself buying crap I don’t need or unhealthy items. Thankfully grocery apps have ‘lists’ built in so I can go over order history and I have a master list set up as well so I can reorder all the food and have it delivered or I can go collect it.
  • Schedule appointments in advance – My Google calendar has all my medical appointments, vet appointments and budget set up as recurring so I never miss anything. I also have them set up in different colours to stand out. An example being my budget. It is yellow and I have set up recurring events to remind me of when bills are due such as Netflix, utilities and pet vaccinations to name a few. It helps when it comes to booking events and knowing if I can afford something and remind me a payment may come out.
  • Tidying home – Life is easier when I have tidied up the kitchen the night before. Waking up and realising my home is mess just sets my day up for disaster. Benches have to be clear, dishes in dishwasher and rubbish put out.
  • Have a standard gift to give – Now I do not buy people the same gifts and repeat every time but I do have a gift list of items to give when I am stuck for ideas.
  • Make your bed – If you wake up and you know you are not in mental headspace and know you are going to be on autopilot just to get through the day – make your bed. If you only do one thing that day, make your bed!
  • Recommendations – If friends or family recommend places to visit, places to eat, books to read etc I write them down to try out myself. Makes my life easier especially if something planned gets cancelled and I need to find something else to do.

My points seem pretty straight forward and very list based but it has helped when I have had bad days and gone into autopilot mode. When I have too much on my mind goes into flight mode and I get very overwhelmed and then absolutely nothing gets done. I may end up in catch-up mode and I feel like I am on a hamster wheel going nowhere and end up in an overwhelming cycle.

~Lauren xoxo


One thought on “Tips to avoid decision fatigue and create a simplified life

  1. Your points are so helpful, thank you. I love the colour coded calendar – I’m going to start doing it. And the simple things like tidying your home before bed make such a difference to how you feel the next morning – already fresh and ready to start a new day. I’ll be implementing the Top 3 MIT point at work for sure.

    I completely agree with the point about making your bed. It’s so simple, but it starts your day off with an achievement, a task completed, so it’s easier to stay on track with completing things throughout your day because you’ve already started the ball rolling.

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