A beautiful rainy Saturday night

My mind and body have gone into shutdown mode tonight in an epic way. I have no motivation to do anything nor am I feeling inspired. I almost wasn’t going to write tonight but I have just a bit of steam left in me to do so. It has started raining which is really nice and I have both the front and back doors open in my home, letting in the beautiful cool air. I am actually not a big fan of Summer so I appreciate the cooler days where I don’t have to put up with the constant humming sound of fans and air conditioners running all day.

I will recharge my batteries tonight and may have an early night. Listening to the rain is very relaxing.

Tomorrow I will stay home, relax and shut out the World for the day. I was looking at driving somewhere for the day but decided against it. Sometimes you have to do absolutely nothing. I might read or listen to an audiobook but that is about it.

Short and Sweet, good night, Lauren


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