I joined a book club

Yesterday I was talking to an acquaintance and we both talked about how hard it can be to meet new people and make friends and how as a society we are stuck at home bored out of our brains, even more so with 2020 being what it was. She passed on my mobile number to a friend of hers who lives in the same suburb as me and has common interests. One of them is for a love of reading and she started a book club with 3 others.

I honestly wasn’t expecting a message but she reached out and gave me info on when they meet up etc. They meet up once a month at a new coffee shop they have not tried before and discuss the books read over course of past month. Plus shopping afterwards at Kmart is involved so I am in! Next meet won’t be until next year which will thankfully be here before we know it. I have been in a rut which is how my original conversation came about. Everyone seems to be moving forward with their lives and onto their next adventures and I felt like I was being left behind, forgotten almost. This year has cost me wonderful friendships that spanned years and those wounds are still fresh.

2020 has been year of the huge reality check. Nothing like being stuck at home to make one realise what they had and what was BS. These last few months have really opened my eyes to a lot of things. The harsh reality, dare I say it, was something I obviously needed.

With this small step of getting out of my comfort zone and meeting new people hopefully I too can move in a new direction and share it with the people I still have in my life today. Joining a local book club is a nice start and who knows where it will take me. If nothing comes from it than at least I can say I tried.



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