Restoring my health and fitness

Like most people I have gotten incredibly lazy and embraced sloth mode during the early months of 2020 and now I am paying for it. After spending this morning changing outfits seeing what made me look ‘ok’ I had to have a real talk to myself. I do not look ok. I am overweight and very unfit and on the verge of having to bump up a size in clothing. Another issue I am facing is all my old injuries are causing me some serious grief. My lower back, knees and ankles are shot but I am having more problems than usual. My asthma has flared up too which is never good. This decision was immediate to get my body in tip top shape and not to start tomorrow or Monday and procrastinate.

I do not want to make massive changes as I know I will hit a wall quick and give up. I am in the process of setting up a daily habit tracker to remind me of goals, but I will not stress if I do not hit them everyday. I just need to ‘move the needle’ in the forward direction and everyday I do I will forever be improving.

I found my Fit Bit and will monitor my steps, aiming for 10,000 steps a day and cut out alcohol completely until Christmas, giving myself a little detox. I drink plenty of water so that part is easy and I have 2 coffees tops a day. I am also going to cut out meat a fair bit too. Lately I haven’t been enjoying meat and it has made me feel really unwell. Don’t go calling me a vegetarian yet but this change will help me no end.

In a perfect world I would snap into shape real quick but I am not a rich celebrity who can afford and have access to the best Nutritionists, home chefs and personal trainers. I have to do my best with what I have. Joining a gym is not an option for me. Although here in Australia we are doing very well returning to normal after covid hit, the thought of going to a gym makes me uncomfortable, even though I know people who are back at it. I have some equipment at home and starting off with body weight exercises is a top start. The biggest issue for me is making meals and cooking more which I absolutely hate. I am not a fan of microwave meals either, unless it is popcorn! I could order healthy food but that gets real expensive real quick, and with that my financial goals will take a hit too.

I see 2021 being an even tougher year than 2020. The aftermath of the pandemic is going to cause more damage to us all in so many ways from health (mental and physical), economical problems and social anxiety and so on. I can work on myself now and if all goes to crap at least I can still say I have my health.

Take care, Loz.


2 thoughts on “Restoring my health and fitness

  1. Your last paragraph is so accurate. I’m so happy for you and for starting it straight away. Your approach to it is spot on and I’m sure you’ll succeed!!

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