In a mental fog and in need of a holiday

I haven’t been able to blog since my last post, I honestly haven’t been in the head space to do so despite having plenty of stories to write about. Physically I am doing well but mentally I am not quite there. It has been one of those weeks where I have gone into auto pilot mode and I have been just going through the motions and getting the absolute necessary jobs done and have been rescheduling and pushing everything else back. I have an appointment with my Doctor on Thursday for a check up so I will discuss with him then. In the past I have been a little burnt out which he told me to keep an eye out for so it could be that kicking in.

For the time being I am working on my goals and finding activities to keep me busy and stop me from running to bed every afternoon for a nap which I have been doing a lot of. One cannot sleep the day away. It is a vicious cycle at time for people when the Universe pushes against you when you are on track towards something. Just another challenge thrown at us.

Work has been very busy and I swear my list of things to do keeps growing. I need a minion to do all the little things for me! What I really need is a holiday away for a week or 2 to recharge myself. This year has been hard and it was weird not having time off and getting away. I am hoping next year things will be back to normal within Australia. We are pretty much back to normal now but who knows if another covid wave will hit after the holidays with everyone travelling around. I hope not. I want to go to a beach or out to a winery for a week. One or the other. Maybe I can take my dog somewhere too. He is a fun sidekick to have.

I will start planning a trip away for early next year and when school is back so I don’t have to run into families whilst I am travelling.

xoxo Loz


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