A very productive day of decluttering

Today has only just started to slow down for me. I have been non stop since 9am and didn’t even have a bite to eat until 5pm, only surviving on cappuccinos until then.

The day kicked off at our Head Office where my brother and I started on an epic cleanout of the office before the mini renovation starts. Both of us were scanning, saving and discarding old documents, sorting through the stationery cupboard and building a bit of a fort with old boxes that need to be recycled. We also shopped for kitchen supplies and have a couple of boxes with old phones, laptops, hard drives and more, that need to be reset and donated or destroyed. Even after all these years of working for the family business (we just hit 23 years) I still manage to find floppy discs buried somewhere.

Today was 30 degrees Celsius yet 61% humidity and it was pretty disgusting. I struggled with my asthma as walking outside felt like hitting a brick wall and it was hard to breathe. As I type a storm is threatening but not sure if it will hit my area. We had quite the workout removing old items and clearing out our vehicles of items that need to be stored elsewhere. We only have one flight of stairs to walk up but still an effort with the weather conditions.

We decided to stop in the early afternoon as we had meetings and appointments to get to. Since I was pretty dirty anyway I continued cleaning my garage at home, organising the items I want to donate to charity which I will drop off on the weekend. I did a huge cleanout/decluttering challenge when the pandemic hit in April and I haven’t been able to donate those items as no one was accepting any throughout the year. I can finally remove it all along with other items I have added over last few months.

It feels good to get rid of clutter and make you appreciate what you have. I am currently working on my project list of what the office needs for the renovations and if I have time tomorrow I will get quotes for items. I am hoping we can get the old office to an Instagram worthy level! After 23 years it has a good mix of old and new. In early 2021, which is only days away, the office can be renovated. I am also going to complete a mega deep clean at my home and finally get to those odd jobs I haven’t finished.



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