Adjusting to the new ‘normal’

The last blog I wrote this year was May 23rd and life was good. I just went on a great little staycation for a week up at Byron Bay. Everything was open, no restrictions, no masks, it was just like normal pre-pandemic days. My calendar was full of events and I was joining museums and organising catch ups with friends. One month later Sydney was back in a very strict lockdown and life was cancelled. It has been 78 days and the lockdown is in place until apparently September 28th.

Within my Local Government Area (LGA) I cannot travel outside of it unless absolutely necessary. My dentist is out of my LGA and cancelled an upcoming appointment because of the area I am from, that is how extreme it is. I can leave the house to shop for groceries and am allowed 1 hour to spend outdoors and have to wear a mask. I cannot have anyone visit me except one person ( I live alone) who had to be register on the State Government app. I cannot visit anyone either. The one person I have seen the most out anyone is in fact my Oz Post delivery driver. My online shopping game is strong. Except grocery stores everything is shut and only click and collect or home delivery are options. It’s incredibly frustrating and snail mail is at an all time crawl.

For the State and Country to open it’s borders, a majority of the population must get vaccinated. The first chance I got to get my first shot I took it. I got Astra a couple of weeks ago and my 2nd shot is on 28th. Fingers crossed we stay on track to move on from this way of living. There is even talk of us getting vaccine passports and banning unvaccinated people from entering places or travelling. I haven’t looked much into that as I am pro-vaccination. People are even being banned from attending their work places because they refuse to be vaccinated.

It is interesting to see how people and Governments have been dealing with this pandemic. I hope everyone can manage ok after the dust settles. Mental health is going to be huge issue. Businesses are shut, people cannot travel to work unless essential, suicides have increased and families have been separated – some for nearly 2 years. For me personally I am doing better than our initial lockdown in March 2020. I know what to expect and am more mentally prepared. Our Government has plans in place for us as a society to live with coronavirus so there is a glimmer of hope. I prefer working from home too. I get a whole lot more completed and in a shorter time without any distractions. Never returning to the office would be awesome.

It is good to have something to look forward too. To have goals. The last 78 days have just moulded into one big blur with no significant memories to look back on or anything to blog about for that matter. I had another lockdown birthday for second year in a row and I haven’t learnt any new skills during this time. But that is OK I have been in standby mode like so many others. Patiently waiting to book that next overseas holiday and get back to checking off the bucket list. Living through a pandemic wasn’t on my bucket list but it will get a mention. My niece will also be born in December which I am very excited about and becoming an Aunty for the first time too (I do not want kids of my own). It is going to be a great Christmas and I will probably do Blogmas this year too. These potential exciting times are what I am looking forward too.

Stay safe, Loza

(Photo taken by myself up at Byron Bay)


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